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Ijin Tinggal (Residence Permit)

Untuk informasi lengkap, liat website resmi berikut ini:



“Wait to defend” for PhD-students

As a PhD Student your residence and work permit will expire when you hand in your thesis, but you can apply to extend your stay in the period after you hand in your thesis and until your defence.

This extension does not permit you to work while waiting to defend your thesis.

You must fill in the XG1-form and submit it to the immigration authorities. This application for extension is exempt from paying the processing fee.

You must enclose the following to the application:

  • Documentation that your thesis has been handed in
  • Documentation for the date of the presentation of your thesis
  • Documentation that you are able to support yourself (and your family) during your stay in Denmark.

For further information and access to the form, see the XG1-form on

Tambahan info:

1. Link untuk download file (biar ga usah ubek2 tuh website 🙂


Atau dari front page, pilih link forms, terus ketik di bagian pencarian “XG1”.


2. Butuh bank statement menyatakan, minimal punya 4.200 DKK / bulan dan 2.100 DKK / bulan tambahan untuk setiap family member


3. Residence permit ini buat nunggu defense, jadi BUKAN WORK PERMIT. Untuk yang mengharapkan dapet benefit dari A-Kasse, harus punya work permit lainnya. Ingat, residence permit jenis ini ga berlaku buat cari kerja.